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Kyle E. Green
Favorite Hunts : Whitetail Deer, Waterfowl, Wild Turkey Born 1977 Kyle started showing great interest in the outdoors at a young age.  He grew up hunting with his father who first took him on his Whitetail and Squirrel hunts when he was about four years old. As Kyle became older, he ventured out on his own taking what his father had taught him and put it to use in the field. After countless seasons in the Kentucky Hills, Kyle has honed his skills and now, takes as much pleasure in viewing wilderness as he does in successful hunts. He enjoys everything there is about hunting and fishing. “You can go from the greatest high in the world to the lowest of the low in a split second.” During the 2013 deer season, Kyle took his brother on a guided Whitetail Deer hunt. This has become a yearly tradition for the brothers. After being uncomfortable and miserable on a Kentucky hillside during their hunting trip, the HillJacked Chair was born. As the Green brothers started brainstorming, ideas starting rolling in. After a few weeks of trial and errors, the brothers feel they have developed the key to hunting and fishing in comfort on uneven surfaces. They hope you will hunt the hills and fish the banks in the HillJacked Chair. 
Kevin Bond
Favorite Hunts : Elk, Whitetail Deer, Quail, Grouse, Dove, Ducks, Wild Turkey, anything in season Kevin also grew up learning about the outdoors and enjoying fishing and hunting. He has 4 kids and has raised them to love and respect the wilderness. He takes every opportunity he gets to take his kids hunting and fishing. Back in 1977 Kevin started hunting and fishing with his dad and Grandpa. They instilled the love and passion for the sport in him at an early age and Kevin will never forget what they taught him. Because of this Kevin always tries to do the same for others. Kevin was a committee member of the NWTF No. Ky. Chapter for 15 yrs. Kevin is currently on the No. Ky. Quail Forever committee and the chairman for Whistler's Day held at Turkey Ridge Hunt Club. Each year about 400 kids attend to shoot, fish, and enjoy the outdoors. 
Kurt R. Green
Favorite Hunts : Whitetail Deer, Quail, Wild Turkey Born 1984 
Kurt has always enjoyed the outdoors and he was fortunate enough to grow up in a family that was always active hunter and fisherman. During his childhood, he spent most of his weekends shooting sporting clays and hunting quail. His father always encouraged him to get up off the couch and to go outside. As Kyle and Kurt got older they try to never miss deer season. Kurt knows that if he wants a successful hunt to call his brother and head out in the woods with him. While Kurt is an active hunter, he does not make the same investments as his older brother does. This is why Kyle is in a stand and Kurt is on the ground.  The good news is this year Kurt will be sitting comfortably in a HillJacked chair. 

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