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After months of development and the past year of being put to the test throughout the hills of Kentucky, We are pleased to introduce the most versatile adjustable outdoor chair on the market, The Hilljacked Run-N-gun. The RNG is lightweight, rugged and with a 6 position independent adjustable lower frame there is no ground off limits! We have teamed up with a local manufacturing company to assist in the production of RNG bringing our next innovation from a dream on piece of paper to reality. Elevate your game and sit comfortable anywhere, hunt the hills...Hunt Hilljacked. Now available. 


We were also featured in the #HuntAmericanMade Series by Cam Pauli.

The Conscious Hunter – Cam Pauli Green Industries – #HuntAmericanMade I’ve met a lot of great folks on Twitter, and Kyle Green is one of them. A down-to-earth, good natured guy – probably the type that any of us could grab a beer with and become friends. Hell, he even might back you up if you got into a fight for looking at some boy the wrong way. Well, I can’t be sure about that… But what I do know is that Kyle and his partners put their hearts and souls into a little company, Green Industries, that they’ve started in Kentucky. The pair make an innovative chair dubbed the HillJacked, which is designed to make hunting and fishing on uneven surfaces more comfortable. Below is a quick interview that I had with Kyle via email. Special thanks to Cam, really appreciate the great article. Read the full article HERE. 
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A New Degree of Ground Hunting

Hilljacked Adjustable Outdoor Chair

HillJacked is an innovative chair will allow you to Hunt the Hills and Fish the Banks. The chair has the ability to adjust to any angled surface so you may sit comfortably on a hill, slope, or uneven terrain. The seat has a solid top surface with an adjustable base. The adjustable base makes leveling the seat quick and easy with two pins that securely lock the ideal position, regardless of incline. The base has multiple teeth that bite into the surface such as dirt, thick grass, rocks, snow, ice or brush to prevent slippage and movement to ensure a solid stable seat. The seat material itself is an outdoor fabric that is built to withstand the elements and be maintenance free. The Hilljacked adjustable outdoor chair comes with a limited lifetime warranty and we are proud to stamp the HillJacked chair Made in the U.S.A.